What is Truth?

The story of Cain and Abel.  The continuation of the story of the fall of man, from the paradise of Eden, all the way until our day.  We see here the first offerings to the Lord.  Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a worker of the ground. In the course of time […]

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Those People

This is the scripture that changed my life.  Really, it changed how I thought about Jesus, how I viewed him.  Jesus was for those “church people” – those people who thought (as did I) they were better than guys like me.  I was not worthy of Jesus.  I did not deserve his salvation.  I did […]

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The Power of True Belief…

  You know something??  Most of us, myself included, have no problem claiming Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, happily claiming for ourselves the forgiveness of our sin that only He can bring.  Yes, if we are Christian, we all pretty much believe and proclaim that Jesus was indeed the son of God, sent to […]

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Risen Indeed!

Imagine the scene.   Jesus is dead.  GOD IS DEAD.  His life cut short, taken out of jealousy and political expediency.  He was buried Friday before sundown, and his disciples could do nothing for Him on Saturday.  Saturday, after all, is the Holy Sabbath.  While we know that Jesus was Lord of the sabbath, at […]

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What about Saturday?

    We know all about Good Friday, and Jesus being nailed to a Roman Cross.  We know all about Sunday morning – when Christ is Risen!!  What about Saturday??   What were Jesus’ disciples feeling on Saturday?  His mother?  Actually, we all know this “Saturday” feeling.  The feeling of mourning, grief, and lost hope. […]

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Behold the Man!!

    The serving up of Jesus to be crucified.  We have the odd exchanges here between the crowd and Pilate, Pilate obviously having his conscience bothered by the whole affair.  But, having come this far, there was no turning back.   Pilate went out again and said to them, “See, I am bringing him […]

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The Story of Us

   Of all the parables Jesus told, this one seems to have particular application to us in 2016 America.   We all have received Jesus’ offer of free salvation and forgiveness of sins.  We’ve all been invited to his great banquet.  We’ve all received this invitation with great excitement.  After all – Blessed is everyone who […]

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A Grand Entry

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to begin his passion week, traditionally remembered by us as Palm Sunday.  Jesus is traveling with a large crowd of people from Galilee, who believe He is the awaited Messiah.  Like so much of Jesus’ life he is fulfilling prophecy all along the way. Go into the village in front of […]

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Hey there, Mr. Christian!

      Forgiveness.  Such a simple word.  Grace and mercy, they flow off the tongue so freely.  But do they flow from the heart so freely?  It seems not.  Unfortunately, this is where so many Christians get caught up.  We exalt in the grace and mercy so freely given to us by Jesus Christ. […]

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Light to the Nations

   I love this passage!!  The great prophet Isaiah, prophesying about the coming Messiah.  The message he brings here is to the Gentiles, not just to his usual audience, namely the Jewish nation – Listen to me, O coastlands, and give attention, you peoples from afar.  He made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the […]

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