Lose your Life

A small excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus brings up a section of the law which he is about overturn on his own authority.  The Mosaic system of justice was very much eye for an eye.  The Jewish society was run by a law of retribution, not by individuals but by judges and […]

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The Larger the Debt

This is a fantastic illustration of the grace, mercy and forgiveness that can only come through faith in Jesus Christ.  Simon here is a Pharisee – very knowledgeable of all things religious and prideful of his own righteousness.  The woman here is simply described as  “a woman of the city, who was a sinner.”   Jesus […]

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Why Have you Forsaken me?

Ever feel like God has abandoned you?  King David certainly did, and wrote down these emotions for all of history to read.  The result is one of the most beautiful, prophetic chapters in the Bible.  This psalm is quoted by Jesus dying on the cross – My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?   […]

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What if I stumble?

A psalm of David, from a time he was suffering distress.  This is just an excerpt, but this entire psalm is quoted 7 different times in the New Testament as being prophetic of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  David, for all his faults, certainly got one thing right – whether things were going well, or […]

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Prayer works

  Prayer works.  God listens.  Jesus says so. And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.   We should always be praying to God.  He is listening.  Sometimes we just get impatient and give up, forgetting that He will answer our prayers, but it will […]

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Let your Yes be Yes

  Jesus from the Mount, teaching on the third commandment – using the Lords name in vain.  It says here not to make promises at all.  Any promise we make as believers has the name of the Lord behind it.  We are not to swear by God, or by Heaven, or even by our earthly […]

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End of the Exile

The second half of the book of Isaiah.  The first thirty nine chapters warn of suffering and exile to come, beginning with chapter 40 it turns to the period towards the end of the exile from Jerusalem, and was actually written (we believe) 150 years later.  This second half of Isaiah is almost entirely poetry, […]

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Love is a verb

  This is not so popular today.  God takes marriage seriously.  He takes our vows seriously, even though we, as a society, do not.  Not happy?  Get divorced.  Bored?  Get a divorce.  Spouse added some junk in the trunk, get a divorce.  But not so according to Jesus.  According to the savior we tell ourselves […]

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Some still Believe

Sometimes the Bible takes twists and turns, and some of the turns surprise us.  Ahaz came to power at a time when the nation of Israel was caught up in idol worship and sins against God, while Judah was more in line with the will of God for them.  However, Ahaz broke that allegiance to […]

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Sharing the Gospel

  Here we have it..the first Gentile conversion to Christ!!  This is big indeed.   This is the first step of carrying out the great commission to Samaria and the ends of the earth!!   Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Rise and go toward the south to the road that goes […]

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