Promote Your Blog Here

This seemed to be very effective in connecting with new blogs and bloggers, so, my first re-blog…

The Daddy Blitz

If you are a follower of my Blog (new or old), please promote your Blog by putting your Blog address in a comment below along with a brief description of what your Blog is about. Let readers know why they should visit you and what they will find when they do.

If you post below, please consider visiting some or all of the other Blogs listed.

Also, consider reblogging or sharing this post to get your readers involved and connected as well.

I stole this idea from MakeItUltra™, who recently posted a subscriber promotion (click HERE for link) that really took off and appears to have helped a lot of bloggers connect. My Blog picked up a large number of new followers by simply posting a blog description on his link and by visiting some of the other Blogs listed in the comments. So, please visit his post, follow…

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5 thoughts on “Promote Your Blog Here

  1. Aw, very generous spirit 🙂 Thanks. My blog/website is …. for those who don’t have time for the longer posts, there are excerpts on:

    They are all for wounded believers and seekers, and those with wounded Beloveds. Guaranteed 100% nondenominational straight-up scriptural Jesus.

    For those of us who made it through traumas of every kind.

    And those who didn’t

    Those who are still trying

    And those who have given up

    For hungry souls everywhere.

    What happened to us. And what God did about it.

    Thank you! Bless you!

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