Do not preach…

I found this an interesting read this morning.  Micah was a prophet from the same time as Isaiah, about 700-800 years before Christ.  Apparently people have never been interested in hearing the truth, even from the prophets of God.  One difference would be that Isaiah wrote to the royalty and upper levels of society, Micah […]

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Definitely Weird

We live in a very confused world, with people claiming to have the word of God on their side arguing completely different sides of an issue.  Moral relativism of today argues that both can right.  There is no real right and wrong, only what “works for you”.   What’s truth for me can be wrong […]

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Standing in God’s Way?

  Racism and prejudice have been a part of human existence from the beginning.  You could even make a case it was biblical if you want to read the bible without remembering it all leads us to Christ.  It is with Him that all things in the world were turned upside down, and through Him […]

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Waiting for the Sunrise

So much tragedy in one weekend, it’s hard to know what to think of it all.  First.  A young singer viciously murdered while signing autographs and meeting people.  Then a terror attack in a gay bar, a young man killing 50 people because apparently, to him, they were “those people”, people who were different than […]

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God so Loved the World!!

Happy Friday!!   Starting here with probably the most famous, beloved verse in all the bible.  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.   That’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   Simplistic and majestic at the same time. […]

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That which is God’s

Jesus is a friend of sinners, we say.  Absolutely!!  Jesus was never hard or rough on sinners, with one glaring exception.  Jesus was constantly in  conflict with sinners who ran around judging other sinners.  The main group of these was the Pharisees, and here is one of Jesus’ encounters with them.  The Pharisees had all […]

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More of the good stuff in the bible!   Let go and let God!  This is one of the cliches we hear from people as they go through life stressed out in this world.  One of the cliches we hear as people grip tighter and tighter to their own ways of doing things, a tendency […]

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Capital Crimes

Came across this in my reading a few days ago, and wanted to share it.  I’ve written about language and words before, I’m sure I’ve seen this at some point before, but it just stuck out to me.   Sin is sin.  We say we understand that there are no “levels” of sin in God’s […]

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Best stuff in the Bible!!

  Hebrews, like Revelation, had a hard time gaining admission into the bible. Both books had the same problem – we just don’t know for sure who actually wrote them.  What a shame that would have been, both books have made huge contributions to advancing the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ talked about almost […]

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My CR Testimony

Tonight, I am giving my testimony again at the Celebrate Recovery group where I serve on the leadership team.  Also I’ll be picking up my chip celebrating 2 years of sobriety.  It’s a little scary putting all my “junk” out here for all to see, but maybe something in my story of recovery and finding […]

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