How did I get here???

Enjoying my vacation. Looking at my blog, this is the very first post I made. I didn’t write this for this blog. Many of my early posts had been written before I ever envisioned sharing these publicly. So, while I don’t have any idea how long it’s been since I wrote this, I do know this is my very first public post. From a much earlier point in my recovery as well. As very few of you would have read this, I hope you enjoy it. And thank you so much for allowing to share!!

Not For Punks

I love this story!! Elijah had been used by God to demonstrate Gods power to his people beyond all doubt. Slaying pagan priests, outrunning chariots, and even bringing rain from the lord to end a long drought he himself had predicted, he was the top prophet of the day. Then, he basically burned out and had a panic attack. Instead of finding satisfaction and safety in the God he had served so well, he gave in to fear. He ran away and hid, and had his own pity party!! Even as Elijah was stuck in his depression, God stayed with, guiding him to Mt Sinai. Then he asked the question….“What are you doing here?” (Ever been to that point…HOW DID I GET HERE????!!!). Elijah continues in his pity party, telling God how he’s the only one left in all Israel who loves him!! Woe is me!! So God tells…

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