Historical Evidence for the Exodus

I love this post on scientific and archaeological evidence FOR the exodus. So many claim offhand the evidence isn’t there. Mostly we just accept that, and just accept it as God’s word. This blog makes a strong evidential case for the Exodus from Egypt.

faithful philosophy and the past

God guided the Israelite’s through the Exodus, where He defeated Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea. This is indeed one of the greatest narratives found throughout the entirety of the Holy Bible, and contains some of God’s greatest signs, as when He allowed Moses to open the Red Sea, allowing the Israelite’s to pass through.


At this time, Israel was free from Pharaoh’s tyranny, lead by Moses, by God’s greatness.

It is of course unfortunate however, that there exists people whom wish to deny the historicity of this event, being at the heart of the Book of Exodus, and one of the greatest acts of God in the entire Holy Bible. Indeed, there is a charge against God’s Word that the events within, such as the Exodus, are nothing more than historical fiction, not something that actually occurred because there is no evidence for the exodus. Regarding these charges, we…

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