The Truth About Stoning

John Chapter 8 is, in my opinion, one of the most stunning, jaw dropping chapters in the Bible. Bookended by two attempted stonings is an eye opening conversation between Jesus and a group of Jews who had begun to believe in Him. That is, until Jesus began to show them the truth that would set […]

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Sacrifice and Resentments

Moving on in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus has given examples of what does not represent the heart of one living in God’s kingdom, showing us that people (all people) should never be targets for our anger and/or contempt (try to remember that next time you want to rant on Facebook or Twitter). Moving […]

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Bunch of Foolish Racas!

Yesterday I started looking at the “laws” laid down by Jesus, the new boss, who’s not the same as the old boss. The new Moses, from the Mount of Beatitudes instead of Mt Sinai, daringly overturning the Torah and issuing his own laws by his own authority. Not laws so much to be followed as […]

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Just Don’t Kill Anyone!!

Jesus in his great sermon now getting into the meat and potatoes. In the rest of Matthew 5, Jesus uses six situation or conditions of life and contrasts them between simply living by the law and actually living for the kingdom. Or maybe I’ll say it like this – under the mosaic law, people could […]

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Fulfilling the Law

I’ve been looking at the sermon on the mount starting with the beatitudes, then Jesus declaring not that his followers will become salt and light to the world, but that we are salt and light, adding flavor and shining like a light house from the sea, guiding the lost home. Our lives will look different […]

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Salt and Light

Jesus continuing his sermon on the mount, getting into the meat of his teaching. This sermon is the manifesto of the kingdom of God in Christ. The Beatitudes are merely the preamble, the introduction, turning upside down the assumptions of those hearing Him regarding the accessibility of the kingdom of God and the acceptability of […]

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Put Down the Knife

  Taking a break from the Sermon on the Mount to look into John chapter 8, one of the most intense chapters in the Bible. I’m just picking out one small point here, but just know that there is much going on in John 8 that I will come back to. For today, I’m looking […]

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The Merciful and the Peacemakers

Getting this out late today, because my day job has me in Nashville, Tennessee for a sales and marketing convention. But I figure, better late than never.Finishing up my look at the Beatitudes of Jesus. Rounding out Jesus’ list of those the world looks at as being “out”, outside the blessing of God, but He […]

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Spirit of the Beatitudes

Back in the Sermon in the Mount this morning. We live in a political world, and the Sermon on the Mount shows us the politics of Jesus. We don’t get to confess and declare Jesus as Lord and then make up our own politics. We gave up that right when we made the decision to […]

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