Overcoming Death

The religions of the ancient world had one thing in common.  They all developed around an elaborate afterlife theology.  One of the primary religious impulses of the ancient religions is the ideas of some kind of theory about the afterlife.   Greeks, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, native Americans, Hindus, eastern Indians, all have their own […]

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Practice Resurrection

Why does Jesus do this thing that he does, bringing back the dead??   Why did he go to the house of Jairus and bring his daughter back from the dead?  Because that’s the work of the Father.  What does the Father do?  He gives life to the dead!   Because the great problem facing humanity […]

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That Death Be Not Final

One of the absolute deepest longings of human beings is that death would not be the end.   That somehow love might overcome death, and loved ones we have lost, or even loved ones we’ve never met, we would somehow be able to meet again.   One of the deepest religious longings that human beings have is […]

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They Wanted a Hero

Five days after the crowds waved their palms and cried their hosannas as he entered Jerusalem, Jesus was on trial.  The Prince of Peace had come, but they didn’t want a prince of peace, they wanted a hero. They wanted a hero.  Like Barrabas.  Mel Gibson misrepresented Barrabas.  He got Barrabas all wrong.  Barrabas was […]

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Getting Jesus Wrong

In celebrating Jesus as a warrior king who would lead Israel into battle against their enemies, the Palm Sunday crowd got Jesus wrong.   That’s why he’s riding the foal of a donkey.   It’s a triumphal entry, he’s supposed to be riding a war horse, but he won’t do it.  Here’s the ancient prophecy […]

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The King is Coming

Coming back to the triumphal entry I started on last week.  The true King of Kings, the true Prince of Peace has arrived in Jerusalem.  He has arrived not like a war waging conqueror like Pharaoh or Caesar, he has arrived in the way of God.   He has come humble and lowly, his feet […]

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Kingdom Come

Going back to the Gospel of Luke one more time.  Looking at the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday.   It’s a day full of contradictions.  It’s confusing.  It’s hard for us to fully understand.  It’s rejoicing that leads the rejection.   It’s joy that turns into sorrow.  Celebration that turns to suffering.   It’s a […]

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