The Resurrection and the Life

Jesus had friends he would hang out with, just like we do.  This should not surprise us, because Jesus became fully human.  He entered into the human experience.  Part of being a human being is having friends.  We were not designed to do life by ourselves as isolated individuals.  One is the loneliest number of all.  We weren’t created for isolation, we were created for friendship and community.  So by all means, be like Jesus.  Have friends.  But choose your friends wisely, make them good friends.  Have friends that will build you up in faith, encourage you, and challenge you when you’re dropping the ball.  That’s a real friend.

Jesus, as a real human being, had friends.  Martha, Mary, and Lazarus were friends of Jesus.  They lived in a small town called Bethany, a small town just outside of Jerusalem, and Jesus had apparently spent time there with his friends.  Then Jesus gets word that his friend Lazarus is sick.

Jesus gets word that his friend is sick, what is he to do?  The disciples were cautious, they were not sure about going to Bethany because it was so close to Jerusalem, and Jesus always seemed to have trouble in Jerusalem.  The last time he had been to Jerusalem, he had almost been stoned to death.  But this is Jesus’ friend Lazarus who is sick.  Jesus is the healer, he is the one who has the power to heal.  So Jesus has all this information, he knows Lazarus is sick, he knows his disciples fear going that close to Jerusalem, he knows there are those there who would kill him if they could.

So Jesus decides to do nothing for two days.  He stays put for two whole days, what he’s doing we don’t know.  But this builds the drama in the story.  Because during this two day period, the unthinkable happens.  Lazarus dies.  There is nothing worse than getting the message of a friend or family member who is sick on their deathbed and not being able to be there before their death.   But this happens to Jesus.  While he was waiting, Lazarus dies.  He could have stepped in at any time.  But he chose not to, much to the amazement and surprise of Mary and Martha, because it doesn’t make sense.  

Jesus announces after 2 days, 

It takes a few days to get to Bethany, but before they arrive in the city limits, Martha runs out to meet Jesus on the road. 

Jesus assures her that her brother will rise again.  Martha answers

In order to experience this future resurrection, Martha was learning you can now come in contact with 

And through our faith, the faith handed down from the apostles, we too have access to the 

The question, as always, is do we believe?  Do we believe in Jesus as the 

John Lewis

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