Bitterness, wrath, and anger

    “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.”  Anger itself is not a sin.  But how we deal with our anger very often results in sin.  The Jewish day at this time began at sunset, so we could translate […]

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Teach Me

Very simple today.  I pray every day for God to teach me his will for my life.  I ask to follow his directions rather than want for more money, more things.   I turn from my old ways to Him, so I can be renewed (or born again, if you will) with His goodness!!  I promise […]

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Bright Lights

  The Sermon on the Mount continued.   Jesus is directly addressing his disciples (and by extension us).  “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?”  We are the salt of the earth!!  But what does that really tell us??  What is salt, and […]

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Recovery as War??

This story of the Deborah has many connections to us in recovery.  Many of us have achieved great victories in our life.  And every real victory in life is a spiritual victory, a triumph given by God.  We have all been in a war in our recoveries.  And any war, including the war of recovery, […]

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Celebrate Life!!

What does this mean to you??  I think it means…live life!!  Engage the world.  Get involved!!  “Cast your bread upon the waters, for joy will find it after many days” – invest in the world around you, use what God has given you, and you will get your investment returned and then some!!  Use your […]

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Repent & Recieve

  The more I read the Bible, the better it gets!!  This starts with all the believers in Christ being filled by God with the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had promised.  That is immediately followed by one of the most impactful sermons of history, where Peter lays out for all the non believers the […]

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Divine Revelation

  Sometimes it’s good to go back to the beginning of the bible.  All the way to Genesis.  One way I’ve heard of reading the bible is instead of opening up Genesis and reading forward, we read it back to front.  Because the thing about the Bible, especially much of the Old Testament, is that […]

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Samson’s Weakness

    Samson was born with the power of God upon him, and a great power he had indeed.  Powerful enough to kill a lion with his bare hands.  Powerful enough to kill 1000 Philistines with only the head of a donkey as a weapon!!  Yes, Samson was a legendary badass!!  But Samson had a […]

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Light or darkness?

   The apostle Paul is bringing the hammer down on those of us  who try to live and claim the promises of God, and who take seriously the Great Commission to carry the Good News to all people.  Paul is talking to the Jews of his day, but when I read this he could have […]

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Heroic Faith

This chapter recounts some of the powerful stories of faith from the Old Testament, challenging Jewish believers of the time, and us now.  How much faith do we have??  I can’t help thinking of Abraham in particular. Here is a guy who (twice) offered up his wife into adulterous relationships in order to save his […]

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