Fully Human

    Powerful chapter about salvation and the savior who brought it.  All we have to do is accept Him and believe it in our hearts.  Like it says here, how will we escape our own sins if we ignore the salvation offered to us??  “For since the message spoken through angels was binding, and […]

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In the Wilderness

             This is really one of the great chapters of the bible, New or Okd Testament!!  We’ve all been in the wilderness for extended periods, think I might have come close to 40 years myself!!  Those times when we think we have things under control, trying to do it our […]

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Saved to Serve

During the time of Jeremiah the prophet, Israel was in full rebellion against God(much like us today).  At this point in time God was very displeased with his people!!  He had shown them grace over and over again…Israel just kept rebelling.   “You keep on backsliding. So I will reach out and destroy you; I […]

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Looking for Jesus

 This is the only reference we have of Jesus between the ages of about 2 until he begins ministry at the of 30-32.  Also, these are the first recorded words of the savior of the world!! Have you ever felt like you lost Jesus??  Ever been desperately trying to find him, not knowing where to look?? […]

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Everything in it

“The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it.”   This is the truth I am loving today.  When we remember this truth, it keeps us out of a lot of trouble.  It saves us from a lot of heartache!!  When we don’t remember this truth, we begin thinking ANYTHING we have is our own, from […]

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Looking for you power??

Samson was born with the power of God upon him, and a great power he had indeed.  Powerful enough to kill a lion with his bare hands.  Powerful enough to kill 1000 Philistines with only the head of a donkey as a weapon!!  Yes, Samson was a legendary badass!!  But Samson had a weakness that […]

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