Mountain Climbing

The first week of advent on the church calendar, so Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters in Christ!   Not exactly an advent message today, but maybe a little talk of mountain climbing… “The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. It shall come to pass in […]

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Making Clean…

A follow up to my last 2 messages, and also to my previous message regarding theology in the revelation of the Jesus Christ (the only perfect theology as the Word made flesh). If, when we put together our puzzle of who God is and what God is like, we end up with a picture that […]

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Hail Caesar!

Looking at Romans 13, which is really a continuation of Romans chapter 12 with a very unfortunate chapter break thrown in. Very unfortunate because it leaves Romans 13 on an island by itself, with no context, when clearly the context for chapter 13 is chapter 12, which we looked at the other day, Paul distilling […]

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The Truth Will Set You Free

I’ve had this ready for over a day now.  Due to the vagaries of life and my “day” job, I have not been able to take the time to post this, which is too bad because I thing it’s an important subject.  I’m going to start doing things a little different for now, and schedule […]

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Written in the Dust

600 years BC, before Christ, Jeremiah was a preacher and prophet in the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.  Jeremiah was specifically prophesying, through his prophetic poetry, to the backslidden people of Judah.  It is from this poetry that we get these two prophetic verses – ““For my people have done two evil things: They have abandoned […]

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The End of the World

As always, a new day has begun!!  Let’s see if I can wrap up my points on the Olivet discourse today… And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear […]

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There is a Temple

Been offline for a week (again), was enjoying a nice family vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC.   I’ve been a little inconsistent the past couple of months, for various reasons.   I hope to get back to a little better consistency in writing, pray for me on that, if you will. When last I did […]

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What a Hope!!

I've been offline for a week, and need reminding myself sometimes of the great hope we have.  So, again, from the prophet Isaiah, as the poet prophet brings to an end his scroll with a prophetic vision of the end we are all moving towards. For I know their works and their thoughts, and the […]

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Cause and Effect

From the scroll of Isaiah, a vision of the end times. Isaiah gives us a vision not of death and destruction, doom and gloom. He gives us a vision of peace, a vision of joy, a vision of hope. For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not […]

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“Cogito Ergo Sum”

“I think, therefore I am.” Or in Latin – “Cogito ergo sum.” As it first appeared in French – “donc je suis.” A well meaning man’s effort to get to the basic of being, of exactly who we are. Rene Descartes was a devout Catholic and believer in the resurrected Christ, but Descartes wanted to […]

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