Chasing Waterfalls 

When I first started writing and sharing my thoughts and discoveries in my own faith journey, my search for spiritual progress, I was in full recovery mode.  Recovery from my own addictions, recovery from the consequences of my own sin. Most of my writing and thought was focused on recovery and hope found in the […]

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Preaching and Healing

The sending out of the disciples as told by Luke. In Jesus’ day of walking among us, there was only one way of getting a message out and that was word of mouth. Newspapers did not exist, books had to be hand copied at very high expense. There was no radio, no television, no internet. […]

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Which Foundation?

  The close of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus had just finished laying down the Christian constitution, telling us so much of how we are to live and relate to others. There were many hard teachings in there about generosity, forgiveness, judgment, prayer and anger. He gave us a very hard path to take. […]

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Following the Rules

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our rules and regulations, we end up loving them more than we love our neighbors. We end up loving them more than we love God. We can love our rules and regulations so much that we spend all our time and energy trying to enforce them instead […]

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Reading this weekend, I came across Psalm 32. It starts off with “Blessed is…”, of course reminding me of the sermon on the mount. In fact, this Psalm could be read to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ in eleven short verses a thousand years before his birth. Blessed is the one whose transgression is […]

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The 1000 Mile Journey

The story of the three wise men. I know, it’s not Christmas. But I can just relate to this story right now. I’m not going verse by verse, just want to share a little about how I can relate to this famous story. “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days […]

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Breaking Chains

Reading the psalms, we can find every human emotion. We can find David and others crying out to God, praising God, giving thanks to God. Reading the psalms, we can actually be formed in the worship of God. The actual definition of the word psalm is “a sacred song or hymn.” The book of psalms […]

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The Mathematics of Heaven

  Because I know you love math!!  From the “love chapter” of the New Testament, 1 Corinthians chapter 13.  We all need to get to know it!!    If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.   One of the […]

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Redemption not Rejection

Sometimes, we read the stories of Jesus’ miracles, and we forget that inside the stories are people.  Real people, who lived in real moments in time.  These things actually happened.  So when we read these 2000 year old stories, we would do well to use our minds and imaginations to think about what’s really happening in these scenes.   So […]

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